Lenz recently partnered with Premier Tree Solutions to launch a newly designed website: ChopMyTree.com. The revamped site is more user-friendly and presents the wide range of professional tree services Premier Tree Solutions provides for its customers in an easily digestible way.

Check out the newly designed site (top image) compared with the old site design (bottom image).

Lenz helped Amplify My Community host a SOLD OUT Amplify Athens show on August 19 at The Foundry in Athens, Georgia, raising a total of $5,500. This year’s Amplify Athens featured Grammy Award-nominated singer/songwriter Shawn Mullins and an opening act by Claire Campbell of Hope for Agoldensummer. Every dollar raised will help Family Connections – Community in Schools of Athens, a division of the nation’s largest dropout prevention organization. From designing the show’s promotional poster to managing several social and advertising campaigns, Lenz is proud to have helped promote such a successful event.

Check out the poster the Lenz team created along with snapshots of the show!

Allison Miller created the following article during her 2017 summer internship at Lenz.

Only eight short weeks ago, I began an internship in the creative department at a small (but influential) marketing firm known as Lenz.

Like every summer, time went by too fast. Before I say goodbye for now, here are five of the most influential things I learned during my time as a LENZtern.

Community matters.

While I spent most of my internship working at a desk, there were times when I was able to explore the area around the office – and in turn, learn about the community that surrounds it.

The highlight of every day is walking through the One West Court Square building in the morning and being greeted by the security guard, Tony.

“Good morning, Allison! I hope you have a wonderful Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday.” Though our conversations are short and similar each time, it is always a pleasure being greeted by such an optimistic member of the community.

“Thank You” goes a long way.

“Thank you” notes are common practice in the world of business. At Lenz, however, everyone goes beyond expectations by thanking anyone and everyone for things as small as fixing the lock on a door to things as big as getting treated for lunch.

Experiencing such great appreciation firsthand really showed me how much better it feels when someone thanks you for your effort. I have found that it effortlessly promotes a healthy, happy work environment.

Collaboration is the key to success.

The most inspiring work I have done this summer has been created through some form of working with my supervisors and the other intern, Laura. Whether it was creating graphics or generating content for a client, my best work was generated through collaboration.

Because we specialize in building brands, almost every project I did was shaped by previous work. While trying to stay on brand with graphics can be limiting, I was actually intrigued by the challenge of creating something unique within brand guidelines.

Lenz is more than just a business.

I was originally drawn to Lenz because of the effort put into creating a great experience for clients and community members. Richard founded Lenz on the basis of “rejecting the negative reputation of the marketing industry and using the same tools for positive change.”

As my experience progressed, I could see just how much that statement was truly applied to company work ethic. At Lenz, everyone pays attention to detail, thinks outside the box, and goes above and beyond what is asked to ensure that everyone who interacts with our team leaves feeling great.

An internship is more than just a job.

My internship was typical in that I worked a simple 9-5 shift Monday through Friday. However, I found that when the clock stopped, my experience did not.

During the first week, Richard sent Laura and me an article titled The Other Sixteen Hours of Your Internship. The article described how an internship is so much more than a job; an internship is an experience. What I chose to do with my hours outside the office mattered as much as official work.

From working at my desk – to building relationships with professionals in my field – to chasing squirrels on the roof, I can say that my experience at Lenz was like no other in the best way imaginable.

Lenz is proud to work with SouthCoast Health, a multi-specialty practice based in Savannah with 18 treatment locations and more than 120 healthcare providers.

We recently helped the practice promote its 20th anniversary, as well as its best-in-class pediatric services.

Take a look!

PT Solutions held its 7th annual Allatoona Triathlon on June 25 at the Dallas Landing Park on Lake Allatoona to raise money for the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. In addition to being the Presenting Sponsor, Lenz provided social media, public relations, and advertising services for the event.

Along with producing a promotional video for the race, several Lenz employees were on sight the day of the triathlon in order to capture photos and videos. Shortly after, the Lenz team was hard at work to produce the post-race video.

“While we strive to complete every client project in a timely fashion, producing this video was especially time-sensitive as it was a visual recap of an event – something that often loses its value in attendees’ minds as time passes,” said Lenz Account Coordinator Josh Grizzle, who oversaw the video’s production schedule. “In order to prevent this, we worked quickly to provide PT Solutions with our best work by weaving the story of the race together through interviews and awesome race-day footage.”

More than just a race culture video, Lenz wanted it to tell an important story. “PT Solutions holds the race each year in efforts to reduce the incidence of childhood cancer through cancer research. Telling this story instills a culture of goodwill for athletes of all levels,” explained Josh. “It sends a message that as long as you have the drive to succeed in any facet of life, you are unstoppable.”

Lenz Media Coordinator Chelsea Hoag, who produced the video, explains the goal she had in mind while bringing the project to life.

“My goal for this video was to showcase the tradition, compassion, and effort it takes to put on such a successful event,” said Chelsea. “I hope the video inspires viewers to try a marathon or triathlon for the first time. Most importantly, I want the viewers to know how much PT Solutions truly cares about its surrounding communities and the lengths they will go in order to see other people succeed.”

Check out the completed post-race video of the PT Solutions Allatoona Triathlon below!

Lenz would like to congratulate the Atlanta Center for Medical Research for their recent achievements.

ACMR was awarded the Community Design Award from the Atlanta Urban Design Commission, which recognizes organizations that make the community a better place to live in. The award honors ACMR for its renovated, state-of-the-art facility in Southwest Atlanta. The center, which continues to be the leader of Atlanta’s medical research industry, boasts 150,000 square feet of space designed and dedicated to conducting research studies while offering 300 inpatient beds and the latest medical research equipment.

Additionally, ACMR’s President, CEO, and Principal Investigator, Dr. Robert Riesenberg, was published in an article featured in The Lancet, one of the oldest and most recognized medical academic journals. The article “Brexanolone (Sage-547 injection) in post-partum depression: a randomized controlled trial” was featured online for the The Lancet’s website accompanied by an editorial by Professor Ian Jones of Cardiff University in the UK. Dr. Riesenberg was on the team that developed and published this article based on their research with the SAGE-547 injection.

Lenz is proud to work with such an accomplished and well-respected organization.

Lenz helped Amplify My Community raise $2,000 in a SOLD OUT Carole King vs. James Taylor cover night show on July 7 at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia. From designing the show’s promotional poster to managing a social and advertising campaign, Lenz is proud to have helped produce such a successful event.

Check out the beautiful poster the Lenz team created along with a snapshot of Harold Holloway and Co. rocking their new Amplify hats.

He’s done it again! Lenz Media Relations Manager Jon Waterhouse’s work was published in another major news outlet. This time, Jon’s byline appears in an article posted on CNN.com. The article, titled “Hatch Show Print: Inside a Nashville institution,” offers a detailed look into the famous 138-year-old print shop located in downtown Nashville and best known for their iconic concert posters. The piece is complete with a detailing of the establishment’s historical significance in the Nashville music scene and colorful accompanying images. Click here to read the full article!

Lenz and The Weekly Check-Up proudly sponsored the 2017 Top Doctors Reception, presented by Atlanta magazine. The reception was held June 22 at the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead, and celebrated the physicians in the “Top Doctors” issue. Both Lenz and The Weekly Check-Up had a presence at the reception, and Drs. Bruce Feinberg and Scott Miller of Georgia Urology recorded short interviews with physicians throughout the night for The Weekly Check-Up.

During the June 4 edition of “The Weekly Check-Up” with Dr. Bruce Feinberg, Lenz Media Relations Manager and longtime entertainment journalist, Jon Waterhouse, hosted an array of talented guests to help pull back the curtain on the Peach State’s film and TV production scene.

Legendary Hollywood prop master Russell Bobbitt –the man responsible for creating Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and other onscreen awesomeness– took a break from the set of the next “Avengers” film to talk shop. He chatted about what it takes to be a prop master and shared stories from his work on the first blockbuster of the summer, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

Fans of the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” were treated to a visit by Atlanta actor Randy Havens, who plays Mr. Clarke on the show.  Havens, who’s getting ready to appear in “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” shared behind-the-scenes stories and gave listeners a hint of what to expect when “Stranger Things” season two arrives in October.

Atlanta’s voice over power couple, Bob and September Carter, flexed their vocal muscles on the show. Bob’s voice can be heard in a slew of video games, including “Street Fighter,” “Smite” and more. His Japanese animation TV credits include “Dragonball Z,” “Full Metal Alchemist,” and “Samurai 7” among them. September is the voice of the Amazon Kindle Fire. She also does commercial voice over work for mega brands such as Subway, Michael Kors, Mary Kay and many more. The Carters took calls from guests looking to learn more about the voice-over business.

If you would like to listen to a recording of the show, click here.