Each department at Lenz is tasked with putting together a Lunch & Learn session at some point during the year. Lenz’s Interactive department, led by our Director of Engineering Ricky Pattillo, held an educational session, explaining the value of Lenz’s website hosting environment as compared to other name-brand vendors.

The Lenz team was educated on the particular tech stack preferred for hosting, allowing for high website security, flexibility, and better user experience for a website user.

Lenz keeps a round-the-clock look at our servers and how they are performing, with automated emails and texts to our Interactive team whenever a site goes down or is experiencing any issues. Each server is independent which gives us flexibility with each site to use custom software on one website without it impacting others. It also allows us to increase resources on one site versus another based on its individual needs, and this overall decreases security risks. We ensure the best optimal environment for each website and carefully put thought into each one’s needs.

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