Lenz proudly supports Poverty Is Real, and commends PIR for raising $10,000 for the Decatur Cooperative Ministry during a three-day concert series at Eddie’s Attic, July 27-29.

Poverty Is Real organizes fundraising concerts and donates the money raised to local non-profits addressing homelessness and poverty in their communities. Read more

Lenz is proud to present the upcoming Poverty is Real concert series at Eddie’s Attic, July 27-29. The three-day event features some of the Decatur area’s best artists and will benefit the Decatur Cooperative Ministry, who has been preventing and alleviating homelessness in the Decatur area for more than 40 years. Read more

01_Steve-Jobs_fullWas Steve Jobs a creative genius or genius of business?

Both. And that’s no coincidence. Because great businesses solve problems, and problem solving requires creativity. Read more

When story ideas hit home, major media outlets are quick to respond.

That was the case recently, when an idea from a Lenz PR team weekly meeting made it all the way to Good Day Atlanta on Fox 5, with a three-minute segment on the dangers high heels pose to women’s health. Read more

Brainstorming a brand strategy

Coke and Pepsi; Target and Wal Mart; CNN and Fox News. Each brand carries an emotional punch, baggage perhaps, and often strong loyalties and opposition.

Your brand is the first thing your customers think about you and the lasting memory they carry away from an encounter. It’s what they say about you behind your back.

Your customers own your brand, but you can shape it—with the type on your business cards and the voice that answers your telephone. Your web site helps communicate your brand across the world just as the physical sign over your door brandishes it to passersby.

Intangible, unseen and largely misunderstood, your brand is the greatest influence on your company’s success or failure.

That’s because it impacts every aspect of your business from why customers choose you (or not) to what you can charge for your products and services. Your brand determines the employees you can recruit and retain, whether or not the media covers your story, and the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

When you understand the power of the brand, you understand that the quality, and relative quality, of your product is secondary. That’s why the best-branded products always win.

There is perhaps no better case study than Coke and Pepsi.

For years, Coke and its powerful brand (“The Real Thing,” Santa, polar bears) have dominated the cola category despite Pepsi’s countless reminders via The Pepsi Challenge that most drinkers prefer its product.

Thanks to neuromarketing, we know a little about why. In this field, researchers measure changes in brain activity when subjects encounter marketing stimuli. A famous study using this technique involved Coke and Pepsi.

In a blind taste test reminiscent of The Pepsi Challenge, half of the subjects chose Pepsi and half chose Coke. But when the choices were revealed ahead of time, three quarters of the group chose Coke.

Most telling was the difference in brain activity.

The Pepsi group had a stronger response than Coke in the part of the brain that processes feelings of reward. Those who chose Coke, however, displayed activity in the parts of the brain that govern cognitive powers and memory, indicating that the Coke drinkers were thinking about their memories and associations with the product.

The study demonstrates that Coke’s superior brand is more important than Pepsi’s superior taste.

Two and a half centuries ago, economist Adam Smith coined the term “invisible hand” to describe the self-regulating nature of the marketplace.

In business, the ultimate regulator of success and failure is the brand. It is the invisible hand of every business, including yours. Learn more about Lenz’s brand strategy expertise, and get in touch with us today!

Lenz is happy to announce the launch of an integrated radio and web campaign for the Georgia WebMBA® from Georgia College, aptly named “Make Your Next Move.”

The campaign kicked off yesterday with advertisements airing on AM 750 and 95.5 FM News/Talk WSB leading listeners to a microsite at makeyournextmove.org.

Check back here for more on the progress of the campaign in the upcoming weeks!

Radio show adds extra hour starting Dec. 4

Would you like to check in with a doctor every week to keep up with vital healthcare news and information? You can, simply by turning on your radio to AM750 or Now 95.5 FM on Sunday afternoons.

The Weekly Check-Up with Dr. Bruce Feinberg will expand to two hours Dec. 4, broadcasting live from 3-5 p.m. Sundays on News/Talk WSB.

Brought to you by CuringProstateCancer.com, The Weekly Check-Up focuses on timely healthcare information with medical guests each week who share their expertise on subjects from autism to urology.

WSB Radio Program Director Pete Spriggs called The Weekly Check-Up an important addition to the station’s lineup.

“WSB listeners have a big appetite for medical news, and information that can help their own health. The Weekly Check-Up delivers that, in-depth. The show gives us an opportunity to keep listeners informed about trends in healthcare and how those issues impact their lives,” said Spriggs. “We are proud of our association with Lenz, and thrilled to be working with them on this important program.”

Since its launch this summer, The Weekly Check-Up has earned a 50 percent increase in listenership. The program covers topics from health and fitness experts, and features tips to help people live better and healthier lives.

The program is produced by Lenz, Inc., Atlanta’s healthcare marketing specialists since 1992. Lenz, Inc. offers marketing strategy and consultation, creative and interactive execution, PR, and more. LenzMarketing.com.

In addition to Lenz, Inc., current sponsors include:

RC Cancer Centers offers prostate cancer treatment with high cure rates, no cutting, and few side effects, and has treated more than 13,000 men from all 50 states and more than 40 countries. CuringProstateCancer.com.

Georgia Urology, P.A. is the largest urology practice in Atlanta and the Southeast. Our board certified urologists provide the finest urologic care available and strive for the best outcomes for all of our patients. GAUrology.com

The Village Vets pride ourselves on being a full-service hospital, capable of handling most medical and surgical problems. We provide a wide range of services such as preventative health care, dental care, surgery, boarding and grooming. TheVillageVets.com.

The Brain Balance Program® is an individualized and comprehensive approach to helping children with neurobehavioral and learning difficulties surmount their unique challenges. http://www.brainbalancecenters.com/

Dr. Michael A. Quiñones offers the highest quality medical care utilizing the latest techniques to prevent, detect, and treat a variety of illnesses. http://www.drqmd.com/



Bookzilla is back in his bunker polishing up his memoir as the AJC Decatur Book Festival team recaps the annual Labor Day weekend event.

While the more than 550 volunteers make the largest independent book festival in the country event run smoothly, it’s the PR team at Lenz that gets the word out to the estimated 70,000 or so attendees.

After running PR for the festival for six consecutive years, Lenz Public Relations Director Ryan Klee calls the festival “a great model of integrated marketing and PR.”

“We’ve learned you can’t just do one thing and be successful. We combine our work with TV, radio, and print media with a huge push in social media to get great results,” he said.

PR season for the festival kicks off with a media launch in mid June when Lenz invites local media and VIPs for an announcement of the year’s keynote speaker. That event is always followed by a flurry of attention as releases go out to local, regional, and national media outlets.

This year’s two big magazine mentions were in O, the Oprah Magazine, and Garden and Gun.

Publisher’s Weekly previewed the event, as did local magazines, including Decatur Living, where the festival scored the cover story with pictures of nationally known authors who live in the Decatur area. Atlanta magazine featured a review of Decatur author Amanda Kyle Williams’ The Stranger You Seek that debuted at the festival.

Television coverage came the day of the festival from Atlanta’s 11 Alive, while radio stories spanned the dial during the week before the festival — on stations from Dave FM to WABE to Christian station FISH 104.

Print media made a big splash for the festival with daily stories in the week leading up to the event in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  — the festival’s title sponsor — and features in Creative Loafing, The Champion, Atlanta INtown, and local Neighbor weeklies.

But it was social media buzz that took the city and the region by storm. Lenz supplied information to popular online news sites and bloggers such as Atlanta PlanIt, Patch, Decatur Metro, and Baby Got Books, while sharing a daily stream of updates on Facebook and Twitter. By the start of the festival, the Decatur Book Festival page had more than 4,000 “likes” and Bookzilla BookMonster’s personal page had more than 500 friends.

Created for the 2009 festival by Lenz Creative Director Scott Sanders, the book monster — with an epic story worthy of a graphic novel — grew in scope each year with the festival celebrity even generating an interview on the popular Scout Mob site.

The one-on-one interview between Scout Mob and Bookzilla took social media marketing to a new level, with Bookzilla talking about his blog, where he enjoys hanging out on the Decatur Square, and top tips on things to do at the festival:

Then there was both a post and photo of Bookzilla on Smithsonian.com’s Dinosaur Tracking blog on Sept. 6, which answered the age-old question of  “What’s big, green, and loves books?

Klee called the massive PR effort a huge success because of its combined focus on traditional and social media.

“We told our story to all the right people, and the effort paid off,” he said.

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Apple encapsulates our feelings, and the feelings of billions worldwide this day by saying,

“The world has lost an amazing human being.”

In the sadness surrounding the death of visionary Steve Jobs, we’d like to remember the joys his innovations brought to our lives, and the ways it changed our industry forever.

Thank you, Steve.

Richard Lenz's Executive Profile

Lenz, Inc. President and CEO Richard Lenz is featured in The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “Executive Profiles” section today.

The article honed in on Richard’s passion for “the written word and the sound of it.” And making a business out of both. The founder of Lenz, Inc. has a long history of being able to flavor the creative with a marketing slant. The article covers Lenz’s ventures into literature with the AJC Decatur Book Festival, broadcast media with the new radio program The Weekly Check-Up, and music with Red Eye Gravy Records.

Pick up a copy on newsstands around town, or read more here.