The cause of the homeless is near and dear to the heart of Resurgens Orthopaedics’ Dr. Gary Stewart. This marks the seventh year that Dr. Stewart has organized a coat and blanket drive, with Haven House of Henry County, a shelter for abused women and their children, being the beneficiary.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gave Dr. Stewart a major boost by shining a positive light on his good works and his cause on Nov. 29 in its “Sunday Conversation” feature in the Metro Section. Lenz successfully pitched the idea to Ann Hardie, who handles the feature for the AJC that often has a non-profit or charitable theme to it.

“If you have done some charity work and it is easy,” Stewart told the AJC, “then maybe you aren’t giving enough.”

Black and white photo of a doctor holding a tablet, emphasized by an orange circle.

In the marketing industry, “content is king” is a popular cliché.

The phrase is widely associated with Bill Gates in a blog he wrote nearly 20 years ago. Today, his messages seem prophetic, among them: “Content is where I expect most of the real money will be made on the Internet…” (see Netflix) and “No company is too small to participate” (see the millions of small businesses with a WordPress blog).

“Content” is shorthand for the engaging parts of your web presence—the blogs, photos, and videos, for example—that intend to connect with audiences rather than convert, or sell. And while some think of content purely through the prism of search engine optimization, a proper content strategy holistically considers the entirety of the user experience (another cliché) from the search query through the on-site conversion. In other words, getting people to your site is the first step, but they also need to find what they’re looking for, have a fulfilling visit, and eventually buy something from you.

This brings me to Lenz. When I joined the company way back in 2002, I was fresh out of UGA’s journalism school with visions of Woodward and Bernstein dancing in my head. Lenz hired me to write news and feature articles that would appear strictly on our clients’ web sites. When my friends would ask about my new job, I would say, “I write web releases, they’re kind of like press releases, but not important enough to send to the press.” Today I and the rest of the marketing world understand the value of blogging, while Lenz understood it from the beginning.

Ask anyone at Lenz how we market healthcare and they’ll tell you, “just like we market everything else.” Patients are people, we like to say. Lenz recognizes that healthcare is a unique industry and healthcare marketing, a specialized field. However, this does not mean you push the best marketing practices aside every time you work in a new industry. For patients, choosing a doctor—like choosing a soda, brand of sneakers, or presidential candidate—is a buying decision, and many commonalities apply.

According to the Pew Research Center, 72 percent of Internet users looked online for health information within the past year. And 77 percent of online health seekers start with a search engine—as opposed to going directly to a healthcare provider’s web site or an online review site.

Translation: Healthcare is a consumer industry and the web largely determines the winners and losers. And what comprises a winning website? Informative, entertaining, and insightful content that people want to read, view, share, and comment on.

When it comes to healthcare, the website’s job is to introduce the hospital or practice and its providers, demonstrate their qualifications and compassion, and establish trust—the holy grail in healthcare marketing—all before the doctor actually meets the prospective patient.

Research shows, time and again, that patients want to build relationships with their doctors. Lenz’s independent research has shown that patients care very little about their physicians’ training, board certifications, or leadership positions at the hospital. So, a great CV won’t cut it.

If you’re a physician eager to grow your practice, consider instead a blog retelling the moment you knew you wanted to enter medicine, share your favorite letter from a patient or a photo from your last mission trip, or produce a video that helps family members understand their role in your patients’ care journey. These are great ways to build the trust that your success depends on.

Remember: Content is king in healthcare, too.


-Mike Killeen

Lenz is thrilled to have won a 2015 Silver Davey Award in the Healthcare (non-hospital category) for its 30-second SouthCoast Health “Total Wellness” TV commercial. The Davey Awards is an international creative awards competition focused exclusively on honoring outstanding work from the best small ?rms worldwide.

The 2015 Davey Awards received nearly 4,000 entries from ad agencies, interactive agencies, production ?rms, in-house creative professionals, graphic designers, design ?rms, and public relations ?rms.

The awards honor work whose strength comes from big ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and exceptional execution.

Creative execution for the commercial was developed by SouthCoast Health and Lenz Creative Director Cameron Spivey, in partnership with Gregory Miller Productions, Outback Editorial, and Agency Producer, Laura Dobson.

Haven’t seen the commercial yet? Check it out below.

In 2015, following a rebranding, SouthCoast Health Marketing Director Eric Betts and Lenz led the practice to the small screen. The Savannah-based medical group with 80 physicians and 18 locations was eager to elevate their media presence and tell their story.

“The goal was to define this notion of ‘Total Wellness’ with an understanding that it means unique things to different people,” said Lenz Creative Director Cameron Spivey. “Using the energy and momentum that we developed in the process of rebranding the group, we let that guide us toward bringing the new brand articulation to life in the TV spot.”

After months of work from creative concepting to editing and everything in between, the end product is an accurate audiovisual representation that captures SouthCoast Health’s mantra of “Total Wellness for Life.” Using the languid beauty of the Low Country and Coastal Empire as its backdrop, the commercial conveys the importance of the physician-patient partnership at any stage of life. The spot is now airing on cable airwaves throughout the Savannah area.

We’re excited to share our work with you. Check it out below.

Hosted by long-time Atlanta radio voice Dan Kamal and filled with top local and national guests, the show airs Saturdays from 8 to 9 a.m.

Leveraging a unique business model that has proved successful in the past, Lenz has broken into the sportstalk radio business with the help of partners PT Solutions and 92.9 The Game to produce “The Sports Insider.”

“The Sports Insider” is hosted by long-time Atlanta radio voice Dan Kamal, the former play-by-play broadcaster for the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, who brings three decades of experience and credibility to the air. Each week, listeners hear from guests such as former University of Georgia star D.J. Shockley and Georgia Tech standout Roddy Jones, along with top local and national writers.

PT Solutions, the presenting sponsor of “The Sports Insider,” has a segment each week in which Dr. Dale Yake provides guidance on a sports medicine issue or injury. PT Solutions, which is headquartered in Kennesaw, is a privately owned physical therapy practice with 65 locations across eight states.

In 2011, Lenz, which specializes in healthcare marketing, established a partnership with 50,000-watt News/Talk WSB and to create “Weekly Check-up,” a medical show that airs on Sundays from 3 to 5 p.m. and has 40,000 weekly listeners. The show is hosted by Dr. Bruce Feinberg, the former CEO of Georgia Cancer Specialists, and presented Georgia Urology.

Having established a successful medical show on one of Atlanta’s biggest news stations, Lenz founder, president and CEO Richard Lenz sought to do the same in partnership with PT Solutions. 92.9 The Game, a 100,000-watt station, is the home of the Atlanta Falcons and Hawks and the most listened to sportstalk station in Atlanta.

In August, Inc. magazine named PT Solutions No. 3,148 on its list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States. The company has posted a three-year growth rate of 109 percent.

“We were looking for a way to create more brand awareness for PT Solutions and its 17 locations in metro Atlanta,” Lenz said. “I believe that the model we created with WSB, which has proved hugely successful, would also serve PT Solutions perfectly. I think that PT Solutions will reap great benefits from this partnership.”

PT Solutions is a privately owned physical therapy practice with 65 locations across eight states. PT Solutions therapists specialize in advanced clinical treatment that uses the latest research to make their patients unstoppable. PT Solutions’ partners include hospitals and multi-clinic practices. To learn more, visit, connect with PT Solutions Physical Therapy on Facebook, and follow @PT_Solutions on Twitter and Instagram.

Based in Decatur, Georgia, Lenz partners with our clients so we can grow together. For more than two decades, Lenz’s specialized expertise has helped our clients reach their goals. We offer the full range of digital and traditional marketing expertise, including brand strategy, advertising, PR, website development, inbound marketing and more.

Top view of a stethoscope on an orange background, representing healthcare marketing.

We get this question a lot, and our answer is that you should market healthcare much like you market anything—by telling stories that change or reinforce your audience’s behavior.

Sure, that’s easier said than done. But, remember, patients aren’t just patients. They are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters—in other words, the same people who buy Coca Cola and vote in elections.

For many years, Lenz has practiced the philosophy that healthcare decisions are made much like other buying decisions, and that the best marketing practices should be directed towards prospective patients.

Our clients appeared on billboards, TV ads, and social media networks long before their competitors—because patients (and even doctors) consume and are influenced by media too!

Hopefully, this perspective has positioned us and our clients especially well for the increased consumerism in healthcare that we know today.

So, marketing healthcare is a lot like marketing other products. Some key points related to our philosophy include:

  • Lead with the goal, then develop the strategy; only then consider tactics and execution.
  • Invest in market research; do not assume that what you think you know is correct.
  • Marketing works best when it is fully integrated; each marketing channel and program should be strategically oriented and complement the others.
  • Tell stories.
  • Track, measure, report, and analyze results against the stated goals and objectives.
  • Remember, patients are consumers. They have the information and access they need to make healthcare choices. Your marketing strategy should reflect their individualized needs, wants, and preferences.

If you want to work with Lenz, please let us know. We’ve got a great team that is eager to help quality healthcare businesses reach their goals.

-Richard Lenz

It’s not every day that one of your clients offers up a Super Bowl-winning football coach and a Grammy-winning recording artist for you to promote.

That’s exactly what Dr. Scott Miller did this year with Blue Ties, the largest annual event for the nonprofit that he founded, ProstAware, in the form of Joe Gibbs and Lee Greenwood. ProstAware uses music, sports and technology to create awareness in metro Atlanta for prostate cancer, which is the second-leading cause of cancer death among men in the United States.

At Lenz, we leaped at the chance to flex our PR muscles and we found the media ready and willing. The highlights included a mention of ProstAware during Gibbs’ interview with Jay Mohr on Mohr’s nationally syndicated Fox Sports Radio show (which has 4 million listeners on 250 affiliates), a mention on Gibbs’ interview on 680 The Fan, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution story in Jennifer Brett’s Peach Buzz column about the event, Gibbs’ interview with CBS 46 sports anchor Fred Kalil and Greenwood’s appearance on Good Day Atlanta.

The week leading up to Blue Ties also provided a pleasant coincidence. Fox 5, the only local news station with a dedicated medical team, aired a story about a unique and innovative surgical procedure that Dr. Miller performs. Being that September is prostate cancer awareness month, Fox 5 also aired a second segment on Dr. Miller and prostate cancer screening in the week following Blue Ties.

Below is a recap of the media hits that we had for Dr. Miller and for ProstAware:
Wednesday, Aug. 26: 11 Alive runs an item on its website off our press release about Jerry Carnes hosting Blue Ties
• Monday, Sept. 7: AJC Peach Buzz item on on Lee Greenwood and Joe Gibbs runs online.
• Wednesday, Sept. 9: Joe Gibbs interview with Chris Dimino airs on “The Rude Awakening” on 680 The Fan.
• Wednesday, Sept. 9: Joe Gibbs interview with Jay Mohr airs on Fox Sports Radio. The show airs on 250 affiliates across the United States and has more than 4 million listeners daily. (MP3 is attached below.)
• Wednesday, Sept. 9: Fox 5 medical team story about Dr. Miller and patient Tim Smith airs
• Thursday, Sept. 10: Lee Greenwood appears as a guest on Good Day Atlanta
• Thursday, Sept. 10: Lee Greenwood/Joe Gibbs AJC Peach Buzz item runs in print. (Screen shots attached.)
• Friday, Sept. 11: Short Joe Gibbs interview with Fred Kalil airs on CBS 46.
• Sunday, Sept. 13: Extended interview of Joe Gibbs with Fred Kalil airs during 11 p.m. hour.
• Thursday, Sept. 17: Fox 5 medical team airs segment with Dr. Miller on prostate cancer awareness.

by John Manasso, Media Relations Manager


Is marketing healthcare like marketing shoes?

Well, kind of.

Healthcare marketing obviously requires extra sensitivity since the subject is private and deeply personal for most people. And because doctors should never prioritize a healthy business over a healthy patient.

But in many ways, marketing is marketing—whether for medical services or sneakers. Either way, your job is to communicate the value of your product to your audience in order to change or reinforce their behavior.

I’ve spent more than 20 years marketing healthcare organizations, so, yes, I do consider it a specialized field. But, if you’re a doctor, practice manager, or hospital administrator, don’t forget the basics.

Your prospective patients want value. They want to make choices with confidence. And most of all, they want to associate with brands, organizations and products that reinforce their views of themselves.

If the shoe fits, your audience will wear it.

-Richard Lenz

Lenz is proud to be a Diamond-Level Sponsor of the seventh annual Blue Ties event for prostate cancer awareness, to be held Friday, September 11 at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead. The event benefits ProstAware, a locally based non-profit dedicated solely to educating men at risk for prostate cancer.

The event will feature a keynote address by NFL and NASCAR legend Joe Gibbs and a live performance by Lee Greenwood of his signature song, “God Bless the USA.” Jerry Carnes of 11-Alive will emcee the event. Registration opens at 11 a.m. and the festivities begin at 11:30. Lunch is served at 11:45.


Left to right: Jerry Carnes; Joe Gibbs; Lee Greenwood

A few tickets are still remaining and can be purchased for $100.

ProstAware and Blue Ties were founded by Dr. Scott Miller of Georgia Urology, who serves as President of the organization. ProstAware uses music, technology, and sports to start a conversation with Atlanta men about their prostate cancer risk.

Lenz president Richard Lenz said, “Dr. Miller and ProstAware embody so much that we should all strive to emulate: passion, generosity, and commitment to community. Lenz is honored to play a role in supporting his vision and the Blue Ties event.”

Lenz has supported Blue Ties and ProstAware for years with marketing, public relations, social media, and web site support. Fellow event sponsors include Toyota, Northside Hospital, The Coca-Cola Company, Intuitive Surgical, and Georgia Urology.

-Mike Killeen

One of our specialties at Lenz is designing innovative new logos for our clients. Here are a few of our favorite healthcare logos we’ve developed over the years. Enjoy!

Lenz Marketing's Best Healthcare Logos

Lenz Marketing’s Best Healthcare Logos