01_Steve-Jobs_fullWas Steve Jobs a creative genius or genius of business?

Both. And that’s no coincidence. Because great businesses solve problems, and problem solving requires creativity. Read more

When story ideas hit home, major media outlets are quick to respond.

That was the case recently, when an idea from a Lenz PR team weekly meeting made it all the way to Good Day Atlanta on Fox 5, with a three-minute segment on the dangers high heels pose to women’s health. Read more

DeKalb Medical joins the growing list of sponsors of The Weekly Check-Up with Dr. Bruce Feinberg providing a weekly DeKalb Medical Minute to update listeners about the variety of DeKalb Medical programs and services.

On the program’s DeKalb Medical Minute, Dr. Stephen Thomas, vice president of the DeKalb Medical Physicians Group, discusses the week’s free public programming at DeKalb Medical.

Produced by Lenz, Inc., Atlanta’s leading healthcare marketing firm for two decades, the two-hour program airs live every Sunday from 3-5 p.m. on AM 750 and NOW 95.5 FM News/Talk WSB, and streams online at WSBRadio.com. The show is presented by CuringProstateCancer.com.

The program includes caller questions, fielded by featured guests and the show’s host, Atlanta oncologist Dr. Bruce Feinberg, and addresses a wide range of topics about healthcare, from current events and healthcare policy to daily tips for better health and fitness.

Recent DeKalb Medical guests on The Weekly Check-Up include Dr. Melissa Seely-Morgan discussing how women’s diseases, such as uterine fibroids, are detected and what new treatments are available, Drs. Maurice Jove and Scott Barbour discussing joint pain, and Dr. Augustine Conduah discussing sports medicine.

Dr. Feinberg said he appreciates the support from DeKalb Medical and well as the contributions from experts on their staff. “DeKalb Medical is helping us reach our goal of providing comprehensive health-care information.

“We continue to help Georgians separate fact from fiction on the healthcare horizon as we discuss the latest news and treatment options for a wide variety of health issues,” Dr. Feinberg said.

In addition to CuringProstateCancer.com, other sponsors of the show include Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, Georgia Urology, P.A., The Village Vets, and Best Self Atlanta magazine.