01_Steve-Jobs_fullWas Steve Jobs a creative genius or genius of business?

Both. And that’s no coincidence. Because great businesses solve problems, and problem solving requires creativity.Jobs said his model for business was the Beatles. It doesn’t get much more creative than that.

Among Jobs’s creative solutions to complex problems:

  • iTunes and the iPod, which solved the outdated method in which we consumed music in the digital age
  • The iPhone, which solved our unfilled desire for portable and integrated communication, entertainment, and internet devices
  • iCloud, which solved our inability to manage content and devices remotely

Jobs said creativity is “connecting things.” He was able to connect his imagination and our daily lives. That was the Beatles greatest contribution as well. Both changed the world, and both were incredibly creative.

There is as much creativity in great business as in great art.

Written By Richard Lenz.

Richard Lenz is the Founder and President at Lenz.