Lenz is excited to welcome Account Manager Frank Robertson to the team. Frank brings an enthusiasm for learning all he can about a client’s field to help them become an industry leader. Prior to joining Lenz, Frank was a member of a firm that specialized in real estate marketing. His experience includes developing and executing marketing initiatives for Master-planned Communities, Active Adult builders, Multi-family housing, investment firms, and more. Before beginning his marketing career, Frank moved to Atlanta to open and manage a restaurant concept headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

An alumnus of Samford University, Frank graduated with a B.A. in English and has a passion for communication. He and his wife Emily live in Clarkston, a small Atlanta suburb known as “the most diverse square mile in America.”

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Where are you from?

Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

What does a typical day look like for you? 

A typical day at work means consistent communication with our clients as we manage and create a strategy for their marketing efforts, and collaborating with our internal team to make these projects happen. Typically after work  my wife and I try our best at cooking a delicious meal, I do some gardening in the backyard, and end the day reading a good book.

What’s something cool you learned recently? 

I’ve been learning quite a bit about the nuance of healthcare marketing since starting here at Lenz. Prior to joining the team, I worked primarily in Real Estate marketing. Health Care has different needs and requires a different approach, which I’ve enjoyed understanding more about. 

What are you currently listening to?

Either NPR’s Marketplace or Penny and Sparrow’s Live in Texas, 2019

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken? 

My wife and I honeymooned in Pitigliano, a small town in Italy. Other than a British couple we met there, we seemed to be the only English speaking people in the whole town. It was very fun getting around using a mix of hand gestures and the few Italian words we had picked up.

What do you enjoy about working at Lenz?

I really appreciate the true sense of team that Lenz provides. Even in the midst of COVID-19, everyone has taken the time to make me feel welcomed. It’s great!

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Logo of Georgia Urology Stop Medical Distance logo photo

As predicted by many medical experts at the beginning of the pandemic, patients across the country are delaying many standard medical appointments out of fear of COVID-19. This phenomenon, also known as “medical distancing,” has serious consequences. Those include delayed diagnosis and treatment of cancers, which are expected to cause thousands of additional deaths in the next decade. Lenz client Georgia Urology, one of the top providers for urologic cancer diagnosis and treatment in Atlanta and the Southeast, decided to take this issue head-on. 

GU reached for Lenz to help develop a local extension of the national “Stop Medical Distancing” campaign. The promotional plan included a visual identity, long-form editorial, email distributions to thousands of patients, and social media promotions. Additionally, Lenz armed the practice with the tools needed to spread the word not just through Georgia Urology’s digital networks, but through those of its employees as well. 

Find additional elements of the “Stop Medical Distancing” campaign below! 

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Screenshot of Georgia Urology social media telemedicine post.

Screenshot of Georgia Urology newsletter for Stop Medical Distancing campaign.

Graphic featuring Science ATL's Wondercast logo

Screenshot of Science ATL Wondercast Website

As a part of its mission to spread awareness of and support for the science community in Atlanta, Science ATL recently launched a digital video series dedicated to informing its social media network about the beauty and diversity of planet earth. Hosted by Dr. Kellie Vinal, each episode features an interview with an Atlanta scientist and a guided science activity to encourage science fans of all ages to wonder about the world around them through exploration.

To help promote this incredible initiative, Lenz designed a visual identity (logo), a web page, and promotional assets for social media and e-newsletter distribution. The organization’s YouTube channel was also refreshed and optimized, resulting in +250 subscriber growth, to house the videos. Finally, the team utilized Science ATL’s extensive Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram footprint, as well as its email list, to promote the content. 

Check out more of this WONDERful science content and our promotional efforts below. 

Intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-2v14iBptg

Webpage: https://scienceatl.org/wondercast/

Screenshot of Science ATL's promotion on Facebook of Wondercast.

Screenshot of Alliance Advertisement for Top Docs

Lenz is extremely proud to work with many award-winning medical facilities and doctors. Recently, many of our clients were listed in the 2020 Atlanta Magazine Top Doctors list

They include Alliance Spine and Pain Centers, Atlanta Allergy & Asthma, Avant Gynecology, Gainesville Eye Associates, Georgia Eye Partners, Georgia Retina, Georgia Urology, Marietta Plastic Surgery, and United Physicians Group

In recognition of these incredible distinctions, our team crafted press releases, developed social media promotions, and designed ads for many of these clients. Keep scrolling to see a few examples of this work!

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Screenshot of GU Top Doc Social Posty

Screenshot of Alliance Advertisement for Top Docs

Screenshot of blog for Alliance Top Docs Announcement