Every marketing textbook tells you there are four Ps of marketing — price, product, placement, and promotion.

What the textbooks don’t tell you is that in the rapidly evolving world of public relations, there are three more Ps to remember — personal relationships, patience, and persistence.

Now that social media is more compelling than the printed press release, it’s easy to hit the send button and move on to the next big thing. However, building personal relationships with reporters and exercising patience and persistence pay off in the long run.

Below are two examples how our Lenz PR team used all three Ps of Public Relations to help our client Resurgens Orthopaedics:

Resurgens doctor Antenor Velazco: 

We first wrote about Dr. Antenor Velazco in February of 2010. After learning that he is an ultra marathon runner who travels the world to compete in races of up to 100 miles, we were hooked on his story. Reporters were interested, but never took the time to write about him.

But our PR Director Ryan Klee persevered. We tried to time the story to the 2010 Peachtree Road Race, but no luck. The story stayed in our files, resurfacing every few weeks. We nudged our contacts periodically as the months went by, but no bites. That’s when a personal relationship came in handy. When a reporter for the Atlanta Business Chronicle asked about candidates for their Executive Profile feature, Ryan immediately thought of Dr. Velazco. We quickly updated our story and sent it over. The result: a major feature in the Friday, Aug. 26, 2011 issue of the Business Chronicle.


Resurgens patient Larry Castillo:

We regularly write patient success stories for the Resurgens Orthopaedics web site. http://www.resurgens.com/media/success-stories

And we are often able to interest local reporters in how Resurgens patients successfully return to their favorite activities after their treatment. But like the story on Dr. Velazco, some stories take longer than others to generate media interest.

We completed a release about Resurgens patient Larry Castillo on Jan. 4, 2011. Dubbed “the bionic man” by his doctor, Larry continues to win canoe races even after 16 different surgeries over two decades to repair his shoulders, hips, knees, and back. We loved Larry’s story, but knew mid-winter wasn’t the best time to make the local news. So we patiently waited, contacting local reporters periodically to tell his story. Then in mid-summer, our patience paid off. Both The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Fox5 News told Larry’s story to a citywide audience.



So yes, we’re always ready to respond to breaking news and help our media friends connect with our clients. But we’ve learned that the proactive process of interesting media in feature stories takes time. And we’ve found it’s well worth the effort.

— Alice Murray

2011 DBF Poster art by Scott Sanders.

“Decaturites” sense the excitement in the air, and have reportedly heard the stomping of Bookzilla echo ominously around the square. The AJC Decatur Book Festival is finally upon us.

As the host of the Author Hospitality Suite, Lenz anticipates welcoming authors from around the nation and world to the Festival. In our six years of marketing the Festival Lenz has witnessed Decatur become a literary destination of the Southeast with the Festival’s exponential growth.

This year the Festival once again will be bringing over 300 authors to our hometown. Festival-goers are looking forward to a bevy of events unique to this year including an adaptation of the Brer Rabbit Tales for the Atlanta Opera, a commemorative 9/11 storytelling event, and a ruthless, game-show-style match between competing writers.

Lenz is proud to present the Business and Marketing track this year. The Business and Marketing track features best-selling authors Greg Lindsay, Danny Kofke, Jim Beach, David Beasley, Chris Hanks, and Barbara Giamanco to discuss topics ranging from growing your small business to leadership strategy.

Our PR team has been busy this summer garnering media hit after media hit. Check out the interview Program Director Terra Elan McVoy did for this Sunday’s AJC, and an interview in Publisher’s Weekly with executive director Daren Wang. Even Bookzilla was interviewed.

Join us this weekend to understand firsthand what it means to have a massive celebration of the written word in all its forms and flavors. Understand that the Book Festival is more than a capstone to the summer season – it’s a Decatur institution.

Lifestyle, Media, Technology: Apple has transformed these realms right before our eyes, changing the way we enjoy art and music, the way we communicate, and the way we do business. The revolution isn’t over for Apple, but with the recent resignation of CEO Steve Jobs, can we expect another 15 years of culture-shaping products?

There is something indescribably charismatic and brilliant about Jobs. As the face of Apple, Jobs gave us stylish products and innovations that are…well, cooler than the rest.

Not only have we as a company benefited from the capabilities of iPhone and the Mac, but also from learning about Jobs’ leadership style. The reason why Apple has been so genius is because Jobs lead with direction and attention to the smallest details in design – micromanaging while maintaining the grander vision of one of the world’s largest businesses. He anticipated what we wanted before we even knew it.

So, thank you Mr. Jobs for the inspiration, and for my iPod.