Lifestyle, Media, Technology: Apple has transformed these realms right before our eyes, changing the way we enjoy art and music, the way we communicate, and the way we do business. The revolution isn’t over for Apple, but with the recent resignation of CEO Steve Jobs, can we expect another 15 years of culture-shaping products?

There is something indescribably charismatic and brilliant about Jobs. As the face of Apple, Jobs gave us stylish products and innovations that are…well, cooler than the rest.

Not only have we as a company benefited from the capabilities of iPhone and the Mac, but also from learning about Jobs’ leadership style. The reason why Apple has been so genius is because Jobs lead with direction and attention to the smallest details in design – micromanaging while maintaining the grander vision of one of the world’s largest businesses. He anticipated what we wanted before we even knew it.

So, thank you Mr. Jobs for the inspiration, and for my iPod.