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The Three Ps of Public Relations


Every marketing textbook tells you there are four Ps of marketing — price, product, placement, and promotion. What the textbooks don’t tell you is that in the rapidly evolving world of public relations, there are three more Ps to remember — personal relationships, patience, and persistence. Now that social media is more compelling than the… Continue Reading

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Decatur Book Festival Just Around the Corner


“Decaturites” sense the excitement in the air, and have reportedly heard the stomping of Bookzilla echo ominously around the square. The AJC Decatur Book Festival is finally upon us. As the host of the Author Hospitality Suite, Lenz anticipates welcoming authors from around the nation and world to the Festival. In our six years of… Continue Reading

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I Love My iPod


Lifestyle, Media, Technology: Apple has transformed these realms right before our eyes, changing the way we enjoy art and music, the way we communicate, and the way we do business. The revolution isn’t over for Apple, but with the recent resignation of CEO Steve Jobs, can we expect another 15 years of culture-shaping products? There… Continue Reading

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