During the height of the pandemic, Viral Solutions was Atlanta and the Southeast’s leading provider for COVID-19 testing and vaccination services, seeing over 4 million patients since the company’s start in early 2020. At its peak, Viral Solutions had 20 locations across metro and greater Atlanta, operationalizing a “drive-through” model that maximized care and efficiency.

Throughout, Lenz served as Viral Solutions’ agency of record, providing full-service marketing services such as marketing and brand strategy, public relations, traditional and digital advertising, social media, website design and SEO, and creative services.

Later, as time passed and demand for testing and vaccination began to wane, Viral Solutions identified several additional ventures it wanted to pursue, each deserving of its own brand identity. Thus, the company decided to evolve its brand to a corporate identity that could support its new ventures and subbrands, such as DriveThru Urgent Care. They tapped Lenz to get the job done.

Through collaboration with Viral Solutions’ senior leadership, the Lenz team evolved the company’s original logo, maintaining familiar elements, while developing a fresh, more corporate appearance. Take a look!

Viral Solutions logo (before)
Viral Solutions logo, before
Viral Solutions logo (after)
Viral Solutions logo, after

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