Lenz recently partnered with Mixed Bag Media to produce a series of videos promoting Emory Law’s Juris Master program, which is designed for non-lawyers who want to gain an understanding of how the law relates to their field, and advance in their career. For the project, we interviewed seven current and former students of the program and asked them about how the degree helped their careers in the fields of health care, human resources, and business. We also had the opportunity to interview Stephen Sencer, the Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Senior Advisor to the President of Emory University about the value of the degree to working professionals.

As a part of a multifaceted video campaign, we worked with the Mixed Bag Media team to develop two versions of each interview (a 90-second and 30-second version), as well as a montage video featuring multiple students. The videos were used in a large-scale digital marketing campaign, which included social media, web, and YouTube.

Check out the videos below!

Wendy Wright
Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Emory University School of Medicine
Associate Chief of Neurology at Emory University Hospital Midtown
2016 Juris Master Graduate

Shannon Moultrie
Pre-Litigation Case Manager
2016 Juris Master Graduate

Tye Tavaras
Program Associate, Democracy Program
The Carter Center, 2013 Juris Master Graduate

Michael Reese
Juris Master Candidate
Emory University School of Law

Tia Favors
Human Resources Benefits Specialist
2016 Juris Master Graduate

Bradley Demicco
Private Markets Director
Juris Master Candidate

Zach Hermes
Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health Candidate
Juris Master Candidate

Stephen Sencer
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Senior Advisor to the President
Emory University