It’s been a big year for our friends at SouthCoast Health. Lenz has proudly partnered with the practice to launch its new brand, develop a new website, and film a TV commercial that’s currently airing throughout the Low Country.


We are also using print media to continue to define the notion of “Total Wellness.”


Each of the following ads showcases a unique aspect of “Total Wellness” for SouthCoast’s growing audience while giving patients a glimpse of the types of medical care they can expect from the practice.


Savannah Magazine, Spread

15-115-033 S.Mag DblPg FINALIVAN

Savannah Magazine, Full Page

15-115-032 Sav.Mag Full NovemberIVAN

South Magazine, Full Page

15-115-024 South Magazine FINALIVAN

Ardsley Magazine, Full Page

15-115-024 Ardsley Ad Full Page FINALIVAN