The Lenz team recently attended Digital Summit Atlanta 2014, a “premiere digital strategies forum” presented by TechMedia. Throughout the duration of the two day conference, we heard from thought leaders behind some of the world’s most successful companies, brushed up on the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing, and rubbed elbows with other highly successful marketing professionals in attendance.

After a whirlwind of stimulating lectures and presentations, we’ve reviewed and discussed our hastily written notes and have gathered some great insights we’d love to share. Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks learned at the Digital Summit in Atlanta!

  1. 1. Native advertising is nothing www. It has just gained more recognition in recent industry headlines. Native advertising can be incredibly profitable for your brand, if done correctly. We loved this example of native ads done right with Vitamin Water and College Humor!
  1. 2. Observe the user in his or her own environment. To measure the success of your user’s experience, try observing the consumer as they play with it on their own device. That way, you can see users in a wider variety of settings, and one that is most comfortable to them.
  1. 3. Experience as advertising. In today’s world, the experience you customers receive is the advertising for your company. Provide your consumer with a top-notch experience, and you will be rewarded with word-of-mouth marketing by brand advocates.
  1. 4. ‘Likes’ shouldn’t be your only metric. Brands should aim to increase engagement, not just ‘likes’ on their social network sites. Crafting the right content for your target audience is key to increasing your page’s engagement.
  1. 5. Focus on content, and SEO will follow. Google’s continual changes in the algorithm force marketers into a mad dash in revising strategy and generating new tools and tricks for their brands. Instead, tweak your SEO strategy to focus on the human eye, creating content that is engaging and interactive for the viewer, and you will automatically optimize for Google.

Digital Summit Atlanta