jon-wollenzienJon is CEO of YourTown Health, a group of six Community Health Centers that delivers preventative and medical services to underserved populations in the Meriwether, Pike, Lamar, Troup, Carroll, and South Fulton County communities.

You may have heard of Obamacare. Well, Jon is on the front lines, helping Georgians understand what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means to them.

YourTown Health provides services to more than 8,000 Georgians that lack affordable healthcare. Under the ACA, many will—for the very first time—have the security of knowing that their families can access affordable health coverage. YourTown will use outreach and enrollment coordinators to educate the public about their coverage options in the marketplace. – Jon Wollenzien, CEO of YourTown Health

When Lenz met Jon, his organization was called Palmetto Health Council (PHC), but he was looking for a new identity to communicate PHC’s commitment to the people it serves. Lenz partnered with Jon and his board of directors to develop the YourTown Health name, visual identity, and web site.

Jon is also an Assistant Adjunct Professor at Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health and serves on the board of directors of Georgians for a Healthy Future.

As if that’s not enough, he’s a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Check out “The Unforgiving,” Jon’s first record, which he released last year under the name JW Wollenzien Jr.

Now you know Dr. Jon Wollenzien!