Lenz is proud to present Beatles vs. Stones–a battle of the bands featuring a dozen acts performing music by the two greatest rock bands of all time–Friday, December 13 at the Loft in midtown Atlanta. The show starts at 9 p.m.

Tickets are $12 in advance and are available at Ticket Alternative.

Beatles vs. Stones

The evening will feature 12 bands performing three songs each. Six bands will play music by The Beatles and six will cover their favorite Rolling Stones songs. There will be door prizes, raffles, merchandise, and more.

All proceeds will benefit Poverty is Real, a local non-profit that raises money and awareness for community organizations fighting poverty at the local level. Lenz has supported Poverty is Real since its inception, donating public relations and creative and digital marketing services.

Lenz president Richard Lenz said the event is win-win-win. “The Beatles vs. Stones event captures so much of what our company is about. We get to have fun promoting an important cause, and hear some great music in the process!”

Music fans like to argue the pros and cons of various bands they love, and the Beatles and Stones have been a dividing line since the ’60s.

Assistant professor of History at Georgia State University, John McMillian, and the author of Smoking Typewriters: The Sixties Underground Press and the Rise of Alternative Media In America, recently published his second book, Beatles Vs. Stones, an exploration of the multi-faceted rivalry between the lovable Beatles and the bad-boy Rolling Stones.

McMillian was a highlighted speaker at the Decatur Book Festival in Fall 2013 and was a guest on Lenz’s radio show on WSB-AM. Decatur Book Festival Executive Director Daren Wang brought the idea to Lenz of having a fundraiser using actual bands for the non-profit Poverty is Real.

“Daren is a creative genius and he’s a music lover, and I’m always debating him over a wide breadth of pop music opinions, ” said Lenz. “For example, he thinks Sting should be banished into deep space, without oxygen, and I actually think Sting has made some important music history.”

Lenz is considering continuing the series with other public music competitions, such as Skinny Elvis vs. Fat Elvis, Biggie vs. Tupac, Pearl Jam vs. Nirvana, Led Zeppelin vs. Metallica, and others. “Please send us your ideas!” said Lenz.

The Loft is located in the Center Stage Atlanta music complex at 1374 West Peachtree St. Atlanta, Georgia 30309.