Lenz Marketing, a Decatur-based full-service marketing company, recently received three Gold Kaleidoscope Awards for its poster and web site designs as part of the 2007 Annual Southeast Festivals and Events Conference awards program.

“We’re thrilled to receive such prestigious recognition,” said Richard Lenz, President/CEO of Lenz. “It’s an honor to promote events that are so important to the Decatur and Atlanta communities.”

Lenz received two Gold Kaleidoscope Awards for its involvement in the 2006 AJC Decatur Book Festival (DBF), winning top prize in the categories of “Best Promotional Poster” and “Best Web Site” for events whose total cost is over $75,000.

For those events totaling under $75,000, Lenz received a third Gold Kaleidoscope Award in the category of “Best Promotional Poster” for its 2006 Decatur Wine Festival poster design.

Scott Sanders, Lenz Art Director and designer of the DBF poster, envisioned a design that would apply not only to the poster, but also to DBF ads, signage, maps, and eventually to the award-winning web site. Inspired by the 1940’s era Royal Arrow typewriter he keeps at home, Mr. Sanders thrust outlines of isolated typewriter keys into the design’s foreground, cleverly incorporating strong color combinations of red, black, and yellow. “I thought the individual keys had enough character to be strong graphics by themselves,” Sanders said. “It just made sense.”

The award-winning 2006 Decatur Wine Festival Poster, according to Lenz graphic designer Kali Sanders, was conceived to “evoke feelings of richness, abundance, and celebration.” Sanders first created a painting of the design using oils and acrylics on panel, then photographed the painting for reproduction on the festival’s poster. The composition, distinctly eye-catching in its judicious use of deep, swirling reds against a subtle yellow-brown gradation, “seemed to capture the atmosphere of the festival,” Sanders said.

This year’s Annual Southeast Festivals and Events Conference (ASFEC), held in Nashville, TN on February 19-21, provided educational sessions and panel discussions to 160 event professionals. The ASFEC Kaleidoscope Awards, sponsored by RSC Productions, Inc., recognizes top festivals and events throughout the Southeast for their outstanding contribution to the festivals and events industry.