Throughout the year, Lenz hosts regular Lunch & Learn sessions to help keep the company up to date on the activities of each department. These sessions offer each Lenz department the opportunity to share their collective successes, discuss present challenges, and educate the company on the various processes it employs to meet the evolving needs of Lenz’s esteemed list of clients.

Our most recent Lunch & Learn featured a “Media Buying at Lenz” presentation led by Rachel Cushing, Lenz’s Media Director.

“I really enjoyed being able to walk the company through the lifecycle of a media buy,” said Cushing. “While advertising touches many different departments here at Lenz, not everyone gets to see how the dots are connected.”

In her presentation, Cushing walked the team through the entire media buying process, from information gathering and strategy development to placement and reconciliation. She emphasized how a full understanding of the client’s needs, goals, and resources is necessary for any successful media buy, and often requires contributions from other departments (Account Services, Creative, Leadership, etc.). The presentation also outlined the wide variety of paid media options available (digital, broadcast, print, out-of-home, etc.) and how strategic decisions must be made to ensure they reach the established target audience and achieve maximum impact. Finally, Cushing emphasized that the “reconciliation” process required after paid media runs is a crucial key to ensure advertising dollars were invested effectively.

Want to learn more about Lenz’s strategic approach to successful media buying? Reach out today!