Eric J. RiesenbergHave you ever wondered how we ensure that the medicine we take, and that we give our children and loved ones, is safe and effective?

That’s Eric Riesenberg’s job, and it’s an important one. Eric is Director of Operations for the Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR), a national leader in conducting medical research studies since 1980.

Under Eric’s leadership, ACMR is beginning a new phase in its already storied history by opening a new, state-of-the art research center that is truly the first of its kind. In the process, he may well change the face of pharmaceutical research forever.

Not bad for a 32-year-old.

Lenz is proud to partner with Eric and ACMR to refine the organization’s brand image, launch a new web site, and promote the Center through a PR and advertising campaign.

The new Atlanta Center for Medical Research is a $25 million relocation project from its initial design phase to its fully realized completion this month. The Center, located at the site of the former Southwest Atlanta Hospital Building, was entirely renovated and redesigned based on Eric’s forward-thinking vision. It is 150,000 square feet in all and features a revolutionary open-source structure, which adapts ACMR’s existing model to improve the overall quality of medical research across the industry.

In this model, other researchers have open access to the Center’s state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained, expert staff for their own pharmaceutical research studies. Eric recognized the sheer size of the new Center as an opportunity to allow researchers without the infrastructure or proficiency in administering clinical trials to develop additional medications beyond what ACMR has the capacity for. This kind of progressive outlook reflects Eric’s passion for medical research and his confidence in ACMR’s potential to serve a greater societal purpose.

Additionally, Eric plans for ACMR’s new Center to be a revitalizing force in the Southwest, Atlanta neighborhood in which it is located. The Center will create an estimated 300 jobs by 2015, and he foresees that the community will be the primary source for filling these new jobs.

Now you know Eric J. Riesenberg.