There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush that comes from covering breaking news. Being in the midst of a news event on deadline makes my heart beat faster and all my senses sharpen in order to ask just the right questions and get the story out on time.

While it’s been a long time since I was a daily newspaper reporter, the rush of responding to a news event remains as fresh and exciting as ever. Now, when the news media calls the Lenz public relations team, we jump into fire-truck-chasing mode and get the information as quickly and accurately as possible.

Since our clients include a number of major health care practices, reporters know they can call us for comments from doctors.

In one two-day period, we received calls from television, radio, and newspaper reporters wanting to talk to doctors about a story on drug shortages.

As our Lenz PR Director Ryan Klee explained, “The reporters thought of Lenz as a great overall medical resource. To me, this means we’re doing our job of keeping the media aware of us and our healthcare clients.”

We arranged interviews for:

– Diana Davis of WSB-TV

– Sheila Poole of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

– Connie Cummings of 640 WGST

– Jennifer Mayerle of CBS Atlanta

Maybe the rush of covering breaking news as a reporter is a bit different from responding to a reporter’s request for help, but the result is the same — helping to tell important stories in a timely fashion so that people understand the impact of news events.

That’s what I call a banner day at the office.

— Alice Murray