One of our new flat-panel displays that I bought at Fry’s Electronics stopped working, so I needed to exchange it. One problem: misplaced receipt. However, due to good customer service on Fry’s part, I was able to exchange it today.

As I carted the monitor from my truck back into the store, I was worried that I was going to get the run-around due to me not having the receipt. The customer service person I dealt with not only greeted me with a smile, he said “No problem” when I told him that I did not have proof of purchase.

He offered to look up my previous purchases using my credit card, and once he did, he informed me that it was outside of the standard time that they allow returns/exchanges without a receipt. But he (with a manager’s help) bent the rules so I could get a new working display.

Not only did he make me a happy customer, I ended up exchanging the faulty display for a better (more expensive) model.

Thank you Fry’s!