The award-winning Advertising, PR, Design, and Interactive firm Lenz, Inc.—formerly known as Lenz, Inc., Advertising, PR, Design, and Interactive—has added a new service line to the company: BBQ. The company will now be known as Lenz, Inc., Advertising, PR, Design, Interactive, and BBQ.

“I feel like this is a real growth opportunity for the company,” Vice-President John Lenz remarked, as the Cowles Clinic Health Fair crowd––estimated by police to be 5,000 strong––gathered, wiping their faces with wet napkins in the oppressive, humid heat.

“A first-place plaque for Scott Sanders’s beef brisket and a $300 check for winning will go a long way towards paying for the $500 worth of meat we cooked, not to mention the $88.75 Matt Tinsley spent on gas for his truck. The suits back at corporate in charge of budgeting should be impressed.” Lenz continued.

“Coupled with the fact that Scott and Matt worked for 36 hours without sleep, this is a win-win-win as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

After entering the company’s first BBQ cook off and competing against 15 professional catering companies, then winning first place in the coveted and hotly-contested brisket category, the participants drove home content—even happy—knowing that they gave their best effort and it was rewarding, not to mention inspiring, for all of those who dare to dream big.

“Taking home two 48-pound bags of Kingsford charcoal and a pack of tortillas will only help me hone my craft,” said sous-chef Tinsley. “I only hope that next time when there’s a competition we’ll remember the paper plates and plastic bowls.”

“With a pregnant wife at home, this half-a-pork butt will go a long way to keeping her happy and off my case,” bellowed Scott Sanders, between swigs of Diet Cokes and bites of breakfast bars. “I hope to use this as a stepping stone towards a future of BBQ cook offs and no sleep.”

“I sampled the meat and it was good,” said Nathan Beaver, who arrived in the nick-of-time with his caustic wit, failing transmission, and plastic bowls. “I just wish my car worked.” Beaver’s 1996 Ford Ranger may need a new transmission.

Brunswick stew chef Scott Greenough, an avowed Lenz, Inc. fan and barbeque connoisseur, remarked “Next time I’ll chop the potatoes a little more.”

Lenz, Inc., Advertising, PR, Design, Interactive, and BBQ, is a 18-year-old, multiple-award-winning company on the square in downtown Decatur, Georgia.

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