Lenz recently partnered with the City of Brookhaven’s mayor and communications team to help land an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The article, titled “I voted against it, before I led it,” is Mayor John Ernst’s reflections on serving eight years as mayor.

He shares that he voted against the ordinance establishing cityhood for Brookhaven, before eventually serving as its top executive.

“I assumed a bundle of individual cities would be a resounding chorus of ‘no, no, no’ to larger, regional issues, halting any true sense of progress, and increasing our taxes,” he wrote. “Additionally, I thought Brookhaven’s cityhood wouldn’t benefit our already underserved Hispanic population, furthering racial divides. However, I knew at the core that good government still exists, which led me to change my mind, run for mayor and attempt to do something about it.”

Mayor Ernst’s successor, John Park, was sworn in on January 8. Click to read the AJC article.