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Lenz Helps Cumberland Caverns Live Promote Sold-out Sister Hazel Concert

Lenz recently partnered with Cumberland Caverns Live to promote a sold-out concert for well-known American alternative rock band, Sister Hazel. The event was held at the Volcano Room, a one of a kind underground cave venue in McMinnville, Tennessee that sits sixty feet below the surface. Lenz developed the digital graphics, radio ads, print placements, […]

Lenz Enhances The Science ATL Website

Lenz has been a proud partner of The Atlanta Science Festival for years, helping them Bring People Together Through the Wonder of Science across Georgia. Recently, ASF decided to expand the festival’s impact beyond its two-week footprint in March in order to become a year-round organization, offering events, classes, and programming celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, […]


Lenz Develops Impactful Ads for Healthcare Clients

Lenz recently developed several impactful ads for our healthcare clients SouthCoast Health, the Atlanta Center for Medical Research, and Alliance Spine and Pain. For SouthCoast Health’s Richmond Hill Pediatrics team, our work focused on the importance of monitoring and educating families on maintaining healthy weights for their children. In partnership with the Atlanta Center for […]

Why Your Business Needs Facebook Location Pages

With over 2.4 billion monthly users, Facebook is a fantastic asset for medical practices and businesses to connect with patients and potential new customers. However, if you have multiple brick and mortar locations, it can be complicated to properly reflect your entire company on one Facebook page. This is where Facebook Location pages can help. […]


Support Your Local Library!

By Richard J. Lenz Lenz believes literacy and the written word are two essential foundations to human progress and to that end we have supported the DeKalb County Library System, the Georgia Center for the Book, and the AJC Decatur Book Festival, for many years. I’ve served on all three boards, and was a founder […]


You Should Know: Chris Burns of Dynamic Money

Chris Burns, founder and principal of Dynamic Money, is passionate about helping his clients build a strong financial plan flexible enough to be effective for all of life – not just the easy parts. Chris knows about life’s unpredictability firsthand. In fact, facing an unexpected crisis was what led him to a career in financial […]


Drain Save the Swamp 2.0

By Richard J. Lenz At Lenz, our goal is to effectively use the wide variety of strategies and tools of marketing communications for the companies, organizations, people, and causes we believe are trying to make the world a better place. Most of our clients have built businesses based on a personal calling. They are helping […]


Lenz Marketing Media Coordinator, Carey Blankenship, Earns Master’s Degree in Writing and Digital Communications

Carey Blankenship, Media Coordinator at Lenz Marketing, recently earned her master’s degree in Writing and Digital Communications at Agnes Scott. To celebrate her accomplishment, we asked her several questions to understand how this degree has impacted her and her work with Lenz. What inspired you to pursue your master’s degree in Digital Writing and Communication? […]