If you’ve been keeping tabs on the media world, you’ve heard about the rise of content marketing; a fun, unique way of building an audience through the distribution of relevant marketing information in the form of specialized content. Lenz has been hip to the content marketing game since the beginning, but when we see an opportunity to grow and improve – we take it. This is where Chelsea Hoag comes in.

Chelsea is our newest Lenzer, joining the staff in late July. With her she brings a strong editorial background and a passion for videography, a skill that she’s already put to use in her short time with us, most recently for the AJC Decatur Book Festival.

To wrap up one of the most successful festival weekends ever, Chelsea produced a final video that showcased the festival’s visitors, sponsors, participants, and volunteers. Chelsea’s vision led her to the Decatur streets with her camera where she aimed to capture the magical spirit of the festival. We think she succeeded.

Take a look: