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Lenz is Hiring a Media Relations Manager

Job Title: Media Relations Manager

• Earn client placement in local, regional, and industry media through strategic planning and targeted pitching
• Maintain and develop relationships with media
• Take lead in keeping all client media reports current and updated
• Reports directly to Media Manager

Responsibilities will include:
• Pitching stories to relevant and appropriate media
• Writing and editing press releases
• Cultivating and maintaining relationships with appropriate, relevant media
• Developing media contact list and monitoring the media landscape for changes, new contacts
• Reviewing editorial calendars for story ideas, deadlines
• Staying current on news topics for developments in our clients’ industries
• Monitoring news tracking services and maintaining client media reports
• Assist Department Head, Media Manager, with miscellaneous projects/activities with other departments, outside agencies, or other organizations as needed

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Journalism, Communications, or closely related field
• Minimum of 2 years of PR/media relations experience required
• Experience with medical/health-care media preferred
• Writing samples will be required

Required skills and attributes:
• Knowledge of communications/journalism principles and practices
• Strong, efficient media-pitching skills
• Understand, utilize benefits of new and traditional media
• Solid organizational skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, internally and externally
• Adept at multi-tasking
• Detail oriented
• Strong writing, editing skills
• Work well on deadline
• Work well both in teams and individually
• Perseverance
• Persistence
• Positive attitude
• Willingness to continually learn, hone your craft

Success will be measured by:
• Quantity and quality of media placements for clients
• Ability to work effectively alongside Media Manager
• Employee performance reviews will take place at 30, 90, and 365 day increments during initial year of employment, and then annually after initial year

Please contact Rachel Cushing with a cover letter, two writing samples, and a resume.

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How do you market healthcare?

We get this question a lot, and our answer is that you should market healthcare much like you market anything—by telling stories that change or reinforce your audience’s behavior.

Sure, that’s easier said than done. But, remember, patients aren’t just patients. They are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters—in other words the same people who buy Coca Cola and vote in elections.

For many years, Lenz has practiced the philosophy that healthcare decisions are made much like other buying decisions, and that the best marketing practices should be directed towards prospective patients.

Our clients appeared on billboards, TV ads, and social media networks long before their competitors—because patients (and even doctors) consume and are influenced by media too!

Hopefully, this perspective has positioned us and our clients especially well for the increased consumerism in healthcare that we know today.

So, marketing healthcare is a lot like marketing other products. Some key points related to our philosophy include:

  • Lead with the goal, then develop the strategy; only then consider tactics and execution.
  • Invest in market research; do not assume that what you think you know is correct.
  • Marketing works best when it is fully integrated; each marketing channel and program should be strategically oriented and complement the others.
  • Tell stories.
  • Track, measure, report, and analyze results against the stated goals and objectives.
  • Remember, patients are consumers. They have the information and access they need to make healthcare choices. Your marketing strategy should reflect their individualized needs, wants, and preferences.

If you want to work with Lenz, please let us know. We’ve got a great team that is eager to help quality healthcare businesses reach their goals.

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I’m not losing it here. Maybe I’m finding it.

As I get older — and hopefully wiser! — I have found to my own surprise that my emotional life has grown more intense. Instead rushing to every possible opportunity, meeting, event, and experience while stressing over every last detail of what I am doing and what is happening to me, I am finding myself pausing — for a moment — to take everything in.

While I am maybe not “sweating” the small stuff like I used to, I am enjoying and appreciating the little moments much, much more. Even the experiences that in the past would have been negative or anxiety provoking, I’m finding enriching.

Whether it is the smell of a newborn baby, or the warmth of my wife’s hand, or my daughters singing raucously around the piano, or my brother’s bad jokes, or the voice of my father who at 83 still wants me to know he’s the boss … I’m finding it all increasingly more poignant and moving.

Ok, I’m not losing it here. Maybe I’m finding it.

Looking back, it feels like the news this past year has been singularly awful. The recent barbaric massacre of 145 innocent school children and teachers by religious zealots in Pakistan is appalling, despicable, ignorant, and frankly beyond words to describe. Insane.

Closer to home, we had a totally senseless murder of a beautiful woman who was meeting friends for a nice night out in downtown Decatur, only to be gunned down by a sick individual who also was killing random homeless men with his 45-caliber handgun.

Maybe in this crazy world, we need to stop more frequently and take some time to appreciate each other. And make sure we soak up the gift that we have been given of the natural world, which we are part of despite our efforts to dominate, exploit, and separate ourselves from it.

When was the last time you smelled the pine-scented woods on a cold morning? Heard the wind whisper through the autumn trrees? Or felt the warmth of the low, winter sun on your face?

How many sunrises or sunsets have you seen this year? And how many will you see next year?

It is the “holiday” season, when the calendar forces us to stop and give thanks, celebrate our religious beliefs, and show appreciation to each other. Which makes it a beautiful time of year, and needed. Despite our lists and rush to make others happy, everyone seems a little warmer, nicer, and happier.

So, though I feel this way all year, I want to thank all of our great clients, many of whom are true friends, who have believed in Lenz and supported us, as we have worked very hard to support you.

Your resources given to Lenz don’t go to our off-shore bank accounts; they go to the wonderful individuals and families here at Lenz and have a major positive impact. Not only do you sustain us with food and shelter, which should not be taken for granted, but you also help us to provide healthcare and education, and support the hopes and dreams of many. So thank you today and every day!

Happy Holidays to everyone and Peace on Earth.

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You Should Know Eric J. Riesenberg

Eric J. RiesenbergHave you ever wondered how we ensure that the medicine we take, and that we give our children and loved ones, is safe and effective?

That’s Eric Riesenberg’s job, and it’s an important one. Eric is Director of Operations for the Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR), a national leader in conducting medical research studies since 1980.

Under Eric’s leadership, ACMR is beginning a new phase in its already storied history by opening a new, state-of-the art research center that is truly the first of its kind. In the process, he may well change the face of pharmaceutical research forever.

Not bad for a 32-year-old.

Lenz is proud to partner with Eric and ACMR to refine the organization’s brand image, launch a new web site, and promote the Center through a PR and advertising campaign.

The new Atlanta Center for Medical Research is a $25 million relocation project from its initial design phase to its fully realized completion this month. The Center, located at the site of the former Southwest Atlanta Hospital Building, was entirely renovated and redesigned based on Eric’s forward-thinking vision. It is 150,000 square feet in all and features a revolutionary open-source structure, which adapts ACMR’s existing model to improve the overall quality of medical research across the industry.

In this model, other researchers have open access to the Center’s state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained, expert staff for their own pharmaceutical research studies. Eric recognized the sheer size of the new Center as an opportunity to allow researchers without the infrastructure or proficiency in administering clinical trials to develop additional medications beyond what ACMR has the capacity for. This kind of progressive outlook reflects Eric’s passion for medical research and his confidence in ACMR’s potential to serve a greater societal purpose.

Additionally, Eric plans for ACMR’s new Center to be a revitalizing force in the Southwest, Atlanta neighborhood in which it is located. The Center will create an estimated 300 jobs by 2015, and he foresees that the community will be the primary source for filling these new jobs.

Now you know Eric J. Riesenberg.

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Join Me Saturday Night at Eddie’s Attic for the Album Release of “Eliot Bronson”

There’s a music happening this Saturday night at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur—and I hope to see you there!

Eliot Bronson—an Atlanta-based singer songwriter and great friend—is releasing his self-titled album, and it’s going to be an incredible show.

As some of you know, music has been a foundational element of Lenz since our inception. It inspires us, teaches us, and provides an escape whenever the daily grind threatens to wear us down. Over the last few years, Lenz has developed a more formal relationship with music by throwing and supporting fundraisers, promoting artists, and even performing!

Lenz’s newest and most significant music project to date is Saturn 5 Records, a music label we are launching with the release Eliot’s new album. The record came out yesterday and has been receiving national and international attention even before it has been released to the public. Tracks have been getting added to playlists at radio stations and Eliot can be heard on Sirius Radio.

The album has already received acclaim and attention from Paste magazine, Country Music Television (CMT), People magazine, Acoustic Guitar World, No Depression magazine, and many more. It’s even No. 1 in Belgium!

It can be purchased as a CD or Limited Edition Vinyl here or downloaded here.

“Eliot Bronson” was recorded live in Nashville earlier this year and produced by Dave Cobb, who is the hottest producer today in the category known as Americana (think Lucinda Williams and Ryan Adams).

Cobb also produced Jason Isbell’s Southeastern, the best-selling album of the past year, which won Album of the Year at last month’s Americana Honors and Awards show, and Isbell won Artist of the Year.

Also, Cobb’s work on Sturgill Simpson’s Metamodern Sounds in Country Music helped him win Emerging Artist of the Year. He’s been profiled in Rolling Stone magazine and by The Wall Street Journal.

As for Eliot, I’ve been listening to music for a very long time, and he’s as talented as they get. I’m not alone: Eliot a few weeks ago won Creative Loafing Best Songwriter in Atlanta. The record is a masterpiece. Everyone who’s heard it agrees. I know you will too.

See you Saturday. Here are the details, and hurry, because it is going to be a sellout.

Eliot Bronson Record Release Party

Eddie’s Attic in Decatur

Saturday, October 25 at 9:30 p.m.

Tickets at EddiesAttic.com

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Recapping #SocialShakeUp 2014


The Lenz team recently went to The Social Shake-Up, a two-day conference held by Social Media Today that convenes the most innovative leaders of social media and technology to discuss the rapidly changing ways we communicate with our audiences.  Continue reading

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Feminism in the Media: Cultural Progress or Advertising Gimmick?

As anyone who has watched an episode of Mad Men can attest, the advertising industry has a long history of objectifying women.

PicMonkey Collage

A Del Monte Ketchup ad from the 1950s and a Carl’s Jr. ad from present day.

Thanks to both the long-standing tradition of excluding women from creative directorship positions, as well as the propagation of the age-old argument that “sex sells,” advertising has become a male-dominated industry with a penchant for degrading women on a regular basis. Continue reading

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Is Marketing Healthcare Like Marketing Shoes?

Is marketing healthcare like marketing shoes?

Well, kind of.

Healthcare marketing obviously requires extra sensitivity since the subject is private and deeply personal for most people. And because doctors should never prioritize a healthy business over a healthy patient.

But in many ways, marketing is marketing—whether for medical services or sneakers. Either way, your job is to communicate the value of your product to your audience in order to change or reinforce their behavior.

I’ve spent more than 20 years marketing healthcare organizations, so, yes, I do consider it a specialized field. But, if you’re a doctor, practice manager, or hospital administrator, don’t forget the basics.

Your prospective patients want value. They want to make choices with confidence. And most of all, they want to associate with brands, organizations and products that reinforce their views of themselves.

If the shoe fits, your audience will wear it.

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9 of Our Best Healthcare Logos

One of our specialties at Lenz is designing innovative new logos for our clients. Here are a few of our favorite healthcare logos we’ve developed over the years. Enjoy!

Lenz Marketing's Best Healthcare Logos

Lenz Marketing’s Best Healthcare Logos

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Assessing the Good and Evil of Native Advertising

You may have seen them hiding unassumingly amid the endless listicles and personality quizzes on the entertainment site, BuzzFeed—discreetly sandwiched between “57 Things Beyoncé Can Teach You About Life” and “Which 90s Boy Band Member Are You?”

They mimic the shareable headlines and snappy writing style that have become characteristic of BuzzFeed content, and save for the small text at the bottom of the article reading “Promoted by Texaco,” you might have never known you were looking at a paid advertisement.

Enter: native advertising.

Continue reading

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