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Recapping #SocialShakeUp 2014


The Lenz team recently went to The Social Shake-Up, a two-day conference held by Social Media Today that convenes the most innovative leaders of social media and technology to discuss the rapidly changing ways we communicate with our audiences.  Continue reading

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Feminism in the Media: Cultural Progress or Advertising Gimmick?

As anyone who has watched an episode of Mad Men can attest, the advertising industry has a long history of objectifying women.

PicMonkey Collage

A Del Monte Ketchup ad from the 1950s and a Carl’s Jr. ad from present day.

Thanks to both the long-standing tradition of excluding women from creative directorship positions, as well as the propagation of the age-old argument that “sex sells,” advertising has become a male-dominated industry with a penchant for degrading women on a regular basis. Continue reading

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Is Marketing Healthcare Like Marketing Shoes?

Is marketing healthcare like marketing shoes?

Well, kind of.

Healthcare marketing obviously requires extra sensitivity since the subject is private and deeply personal for most people. And because doctors should never prioritize a healthy business over a healthy patient.

But in many ways, marketing is marketing—whether for medical services or sneakers. Either way, your job is to communicate the value of your product to your audience in order to change or reinforce their behavior.

I’ve spent more than 20 years marketing healthcare organizations, so, yes, I do consider it a specialized field. But, if you’re a doctor, practice manager, or hospital administrator, don’t forget the basics.

Your prospective patients want value. They want to make choices with confidence. And most of all, they want to associate with brands, organizations and products that reinforce their views of themselves.

If the shoe fits, your audience will wear it.

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9 of Our Best Healthcare Logos

One of our specialties at Lenz is designing innovative new logos for our clients. Here are a few of our favorite healthcare logos we’ve developed over the years. Enjoy!

Lenz Marketing's Best Healthcare Logos

Lenz Marketing’s Best Healthcare Logos

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Assessing the Good and Evil of Native Advertising

You may have seen them hiding unassumingly amid the endless listicles and personality quizzes on the entertainment site, BuzzFeed—discreetly sandwiched between “57 Things Beyoncé Can Teach You About Life” and “Which 90s Boy Band Member Are You?”

They mimic the shareable headlines and snappy writing style that have become characteristic of BuzzFeed content, and save for the small text at the bottom of the article reading “Promoted by Texaco,” you might have never known you were looking at a paid advertisement.

Enter: native advertising.

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Why Lenz Chooses to Market Healthcare

One question I get a lot is, “With everything you could do with your life and your business, why do you choose to market healthcare?”

For me the answer is simple: Because it’s rewarding.

Marketing does many things—none greater than to help people make informed decisions. With healthcare, everyday decisions can mean the difference between life and death.

Now, I know that some who are listening think of marketing as the dark side of business, solely concerned with making the cash register ring.

But that doesn’t have to be true.

Great marketing connects good products with people who want and need them. Healthcare marketing should be no different.

When Lenz works with a leading hospital, physician practice, or healthcare non-profit, we know that we are helping more people stay healthy and receive high-quality care.

And that feels pretty good.

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“The Decision”: Four Years Later, Life Still Runs On Emotion!

Four years ago today, a professional athlete did what we want all professional athletes to do. He decided that money wasn’t the most important thing—winning championships, having great teammates, and helping his community were. And the public was outraged.

I’m talking of course about Lebron James’s infamous decision to take his “talents to South Beach” and play for the Miami Heat. But primarily, I’m talking about the televised announcement called “The Decision” and the fallout that ensued. Continue reading

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8 Traits of a Knockout Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

Can you cross all 8 off your list? Click the image for a full view!



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Lenz Helps Amplify Decatur Raise $20,000

This weekend, Amplify Decatur took over Eddie’s Attic with five incredible concerts in three short days. More than 700 people came to the shows, which raised $20,000 for Decatur Cooperative Ministry, an organization that works to alleviate homelessness in Decatur and DeKalb County. Continue reading

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New Titles, New Faces, and New Endeavors at Lenz

Things are heating up at Lenz, and we’ve got a lot of exciting happenings to report! Read on for a quick rundown of the latest newz from Lenz.

Lenz Marketing Continue reading

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